All great stories are complex and full of drama. Life itself is a story… but not until it is edited; and memory, like editing, is about finding moments; from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the time we go to sleep at night we edit the individual images we see.


Sometimes it’s pleasurable, sometimes it is confrontational and sometimes logic is less important than emotion.


Through my drawings, collages, paintings and installations I attempt to present simple images soaked in complex meaning. The results are part metaphor, part allegory, part dream/vision and part truth.


Based on personal recollections my explorations give birth to issues that straddle the boundaries of science, art and the realities of concrete life.

I try to bring my images to aesthetic life without losing a sense of humour and attempt to create dialogue with the viewer utilising universal formal vocabularies and traditional media - in direct conflict with the employed techniques by much of the current vanguard of contemporary art – I still believe in the sanctity of skilled technique.


I try to reconstruct a history beyond both the western canon and formal culture of remembrance. What emerges from the resulting palimpsest-like arrangements are not so much a recounting of events of memory, nor are they an examination of (dreamed) possibilities; but more distinctly, something undefined and intermediate between the two - the tertium quid; the third thing that explodes into being from the joining of two other unrelated things. This focus leads to the creation of a visual vocabulary that is not only functional, but jointly poetic and narrative.

Selected Solo Shows:

2019    Blue Moon                                                    Jitu Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, CHINA

2016    AT (IN) ON                                                  Apartment Show, Beijing, CHINA

2014    Me, My, Myth                                              Escape Space, Beijing, CHINA

2013    Spontanious Human Compulsion             Centre Pompidou forecourt, Paris, FRANCE

2011     The tertium quid: case study                      Tweed River Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             Irony and Edits                                              Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA    

2010   Hold Your Tongue                                        Tamworth Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

2009  Displacement Method                                 Lismore Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

2008  Who Rights History                                     Artisan Ivory 24 Gallery, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

2007  Rubbish (3 week installation)                      National Art Gallery of Australia, AUSTRALIA    

             Bag full of mixed goodies                            Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

2006   Memory holds a claim to truth                  Dubbo Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

2005   PHI                                                                Warpstanza Gallery, Bathurst, AUSTRALIA

2004  Con.Text                                                        BAWD Exhibition Space, Dubbo, AUSTRALIA

Selected Group Shows:

2018    21 Dreams                                                     Shaire Space, 798 Art District, Beijing, CHINA

2016    Naissance                                                      Xaanxi, CHINA

2013    Edition de Fattes Le Mur                           Bric a Brac Bar, Paris, FRANCE

             Canal Knowledge                                         Amsterdam, NEDERLANDS                    

2012    The QR Project (the 8 collective)            Lismore Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             BSG Works on Paper                                  Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbounre, AUSTRALIA

             The Sketchbook Project                             Brooklyn, NYC | National Gallery of Victoria, AUSTRALIA

2011     Footsteps Print show                                  IMPACT 7, International Print Conference, AUSTRALIA

             HEREsay                                                       Southern Cross University Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

             Littlest Print (international juried)             Portland,  USA

             Objects of the Dead                                    Napier Gallery, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

             Northern Rivers Portrait Prize                   Lismore Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             FAXINATION                                               XYZ Collective, Tokyo, JAPAN

             International Art Trading Card Project     Lismore Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             Autumn Extravaganza                                  Arts Centre, Nimbin, AUSTRALIA

             Trans-Siberian Arts Centre Invitational   Moscow, RUSSIA and Beijing, CHINA

             The Sketchbook Project                             Brooklyn, San Francisco, Washington, USA

             The Hankie Project II                                  Grafton Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

2010   Border Art Prize                                           Tweed Heads Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             Cut and Paste                                               Barratt Galleries, Alstonville, AUSTRALIA

             International Art Trading Card Project     Barratt Galleries, Alstonville, AUSTRALIA

              TATA GALA                                                 Sarasota Design Centre, Florida, USA

             Goldworthys                                                  Lismore Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             A Paper Trail                                                  Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

             On Paper in time in peoples minds           Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby, AUSTRALIA

             International Art Trading Card Project    Barratt Galleries, Alstonville, AUSTRALIA

             Scarlet                                                            Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

             The Hankie Project                                      Barratt Galleries, Alstonville, AUSTRALIA

             Churchie National Emerging Exhibition  Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

             Articles of Interest (invitational)                Southern Cross University, Lismore , AUSTRALIA

             Scissors, Paper, Glue                                   Wayward Gallery, Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA

2009  SCU Acquisitive Artists Book Award       Barratt Galleries, Alstonville, AUSTRALIA

             Collectors Paradise                                      Community Gallery, Ballina, AUSTRALIA

             Winsome art show                                        Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

             The Toy Show                                                Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

2008  Eutick Memorial Still Life Award               Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             It is Political                                                   Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

             Queensland Festival of Photography       Qld Centre of Photography, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA

2007  SCU Acquisitive Artists Book Award        Southern Cross University, NEXT Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             Autumn Extravaganza                                 Arts Centre, Nimbin, AUSTRALIA

             First Group                                                    Alleyway Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

2006  Art in the age of Sedition                            Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

             Sedition on the Streets                               Capital Circle, Canberra, AUSTRALIA

             Inaugural Members Show                           Serpentine Gallery, Lismore, AUSTRALIA

2005   The Prize                                                       Downing Centre Gallery, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

              The TAFE Awards Traveling Exhibition   NSW Regional Galleries, AUSTRALIA

              Fresh Arts Invitational only Exhibition    Dubbo Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA

             Hand. Eye (with Spencer Calveley)         Warpstanza Gallery, Bathurst, AUSTRALIA

Selected Awards:

2012    BSG Works on Paper Prize                        Selected Finalist

2011     Northern Rivers Portrait Prize                  Selected Finalist

2010   The Churchie National Emerging Art       Selected Finalist (3 works)

             Border Art Prize                                           Selected finalist

             TATA GALA (international Juried)           Highly Commended

2008  Eutick Memorial Still Life Award               Selected Finalist

2005  Art Gallery of NSW                                     Robert Le Gay Brereton Award (2nd Place)

2004  TAFE Art Prize                                             Best Regional Artist Award

Selected Articles/Publications:

2019    "Apophenia" edition 1,  edited and published Brendan McCumstie

2018    "Irony and Edits" edition 1,  edited and published Brendan McCumstie

2018    MX Magazine edition 1,  edited and published Brendan McCumstie

2018    CUE magazine, contributor and artistic editor

2014    Drunken Boat, #19, online art/writing journal.

2013    Bird-Flew, edition 1,  edited and published Brendan McCumstie

2010   Art Monthly Australia, pp54-55, May (#229)

             Exhibition Catalogue, Hold Your Tongue, Essay by Kezia Geddes

2009   Anderson, Dr Jane. Colonialism/Intellectual property, Copie No.4, Jun

2007   Northern Rivers Echo, Art and Sedition, Nov 12

2005  Orana Arts, Review, July

2004  Exhibition Catalogue, Art. Full Stop, April Essay by Kent Buchanan

             Art and Australia, Fresh Blood, Jul-Oct pp82 Review by Julia Jones

             Art Monthly Australia, Review, Oct (#174)



Curatorial Experience:

2018    21 Deams                                                       Shaire Space, 798 Art District, Beijing, CHINA

2012    The QR Project (the eight collective)      Lismore Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA



Residencies and teaching experience:

2013   Lecture Series | Australian art at its edge  Paris, FRANCE

2012   Chiang Mai Art on Paper Studio (3 wks)  Chiang Mai, THAILAND

2006  Printmaking Workshop                                Dubbo Regional Gallery, AUSTRALIA



Professional Memberships:

2011                 Founder                                                          The Eight Collective

2008-10        Member                                                         National Association of Visual Artists

2004-05       Founding Member and Vice President    Fresh Arts Contemporary Artists Group Inc.




                          National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (Print Collection).

                          Tamworth Regional Gallery.

                          Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery.

                          New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale.

                          Southern Cross university Collection.

                          DACOU, Australia

                          Private collections in Australia, France, China, Canada and USA.

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